Jewelry Trend 2023: What New Items Will be Relevant this Year?

Hours before the new year arrives, Designmag brings you the latest in interior design news and expert predictions for design trends for 2023. As we recently saw, a new selection is coming for the New Year. colors created by the Pantone Institute. And this will inevitably affect the novelties of the world of decor and interior design. So, today we bring you some of the biggest trends that will be popular in the coming year.

Home decor trend 2023: what’s new?

Jewelry Trend 2023: What New Items Will be Relevant this Year?

2023 will be marked by a whole series of novelties in terms of home decoration. In particular, in the coming months we will see interesting combinations of styles and designs that have been popular in the past, and the emergence of new trends. In the coming months, the focus will be on natural surfaces and stone in particular. Metal elements that were relevant a few years ago will be added to this type of material. As for the desired atmosphere, it will be inspired by luxurious decor, but will not neglect the natural and environmentally responsible elements that have taken hold during the first decade of the new millennium.

Jewelry Trend 2023: What New Items Will be Relevant this Year?

Inspiration will be drawn, in particular, from the 60s and 70s of the 20th century. To complete this type of decor, the importance of textiles will also increase. They will be used more and more, again, with an emphasis on natural fabrics. The difference compared to previous years is that the fabrics used will also be inspired by luxury and glamorous atmospheres. The result of such an original and bold combination will, above all, create a modern and comfortable space. Building on the trends of the past, decorators will seek to reject them in new ways, while keeping in mind the desire of consumers to live in harmony with nature.

Furniture news for 2023: what are the trends in designer furniture?

Jewelry Trend 2023: What New Items Will be Relevant this Year?

Designer furniture in 2023 will be marked by the same trends as in all spaces. The last two to three years have been marked by delivery problems and difficulties for manufacturers, first due to the Covid crisis, then due to the political situation in Ukraine. For this reason, decorators expect furniture trends for 2023 to reflect a mix of styles that were trending at the time.

Furniture made from natural materials remains very fashionable, which means a preference for wooden surfaces and durable elements, which also reflects the desire of consumers to invest in better products and replace their goods less often. Along with wood, we will also find rattan and cane furniture trend.

Jewelry Trend 2023: What New Items Will be Relevant this Year?

The shapes of fashionable furniture in 2023 will be distinguished by oval shapes and curved elements. At the same time, the finish will have more classic and clean silhouettes. Scandinavian style, always very trendy, will result in a choice of furniture without a lot of embellishments. In terms of upholstered living room furniture and accessories, models embellished with natural fabrics such as linen, cotton and velvet will be in the spotlight in 2023.

Interior design and decor trends 2023: what styles will dominate our living spaces?

Jewelry Trend 2023: What New Items Will be Relevant this Year?

In the coming months, more and more attention will be paid to spaces filled with character and personalized decor. This will be expressed, in particular, in spaces designed according to the personal preferences of their owners and reflecting their wishes regarding decorative styles. A fusion of styles and designs will be increasingly common in interior spaces.

That being said, there are a number of decorating styles that have taken the world by storm over the past few years and that will likely serve as the basis for the merging of the elements we have been discussing. Among them, natural decor that emphasizes wooden elements and plants. The Scandinavian style, very popular lately, with a classic combination of wood and neutral colors, will also remain relevant.

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