How to Succeed in Scandinavian Decor in 2023?

Scandinavian decor remains one of the top interior design trends for 2023. In the coming months, Scandinavian décor will continue to seduce us with its naturalness, cozy ambience to create, and the customization options it offers, according to design professionals. If you decide to apply this decorating style to your home, we offer you some tips and tricks to succeed in your mission in this special Scandinavian decor file in 2023. Enjoy!

Scandinavian decor: how to excel in interior design this year?

How to Succeed in Scandinavian Decor in 2023?

Scandinavian decor has been one of the main trends in interior design in recent years. With natural style and industrial design, Scandinavian decor will continue to dominate our living spaces in the coming months. In 2023, you can freshen up or upgrade your home with a few trendy items in this style. Below we propose to be inspired by the collection from Déco Scandinaves for this purpose.

Scandinavian Design Furniture

How to Succeed in Scandinavian Decor in 2023?

Scandinavian design furniture remains very trendy in 2023. Made from natural materials such as wood, metal and textiles, this type of furniture is characterized by a minimalist appearance that combines comfort and functionality. To complete your Scandinavian decor, choose a Scandinavian style chair model or a Scandinavian style armchair. If desired, you can even make it an accent piece of furniture to furnish your work or lounge area with a trendy light fixture. Lately, it is very common for people to add a large floor vase to their room interior because it looks beautiful in many design styles.

Scandinavian Style Textiles

How to Succeed in Scandinavian Decor in 2023?

Given the minimalist nature typical of Scandinavian decor, textiles are an important element of this type of decor. They allow you to quickly and easily personalize a space by adding a few more nice touches. For accessories of this type, we advise to give preference to natural fabrics, which can be varied depending on the season. Lightweight materials are ideal for spring and summer, while natural fabrics such as wool are very suitable for cozy interiors in autumn and winter.

Scandinavian Style Accessories

How to Succeed in Scandinavian Decor in 2023?

We used to talk about Scandinavian style in general terms, but in fact, different countries in this region have different decorative traditions that can be a source of inspiration for accessories in our homes. For example, the hygge decor typical of Denmark is based on the use of a large number of candles and the introduction of red touches into the interior. Swedish decor, for its part, is undoubtedly best embodied in accessories that combine light wood and white.

Depending on the region and country, we can also observe different accents such as wicker objects, potted plants, strong contrasts between white and dark shades. Therefore, you may well draw inspiration from the traditions of these Scandinavian countries to give your living space more character. or diversify the atmosphere of your home in different rooms.

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